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Irwindale, CA 91702 U.S.A.

FOX 45 Series
& R/C
This is not complete and under construction. page updated 2-12-2019
  FOX 40 - 45 - 46 - 50 Stunt & R/C

Item numbers

Anybody have any data like original specs
3 view or exploded view drawings
of this engine?

A = mm
B = mm
C = mm
D = mm
E = mm

The FOX .45 has had many changes since its introduction.

Shown above is the first version.

Owners Manual and Parts List
January 1982 - Prices and contact information NOT CURRENT

Replacement Parts
This is not complete and under construction.

spare parts .40 bushing .45 bushing .46 .50

part no.

crankcase r/c 14501      
cylinder head 14002        
crankcase stunt          
rear cover          
connecting rod          
wrist pin          
prop driver          
prop washer          
prop screw        
Back Cover Gasket
----------------------------------- 29f-4521 -----------------------------------------
screw set        


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