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Irwindale, CA 91702 U.S.A.

FOX Combat Special
and Rocket
29 35
36x 40
U/C & R/C

  FOX 36x shown


FOX Combat Special
and Rocket
29 35 36x 40
U/C & R/C History


Note: These are archive copies of the originals
Prices and location are not valid

Fox Rocket 35 Instructions and Parts List

Fox 36x instructions and parts list

Replacement Parts
This is not complete and under construction. Check part numbers click here

Fox had a lot of part number for t he 35 stunt called out for this series.

spare parts

part no.

New part no.


crankcase 36x01 36x01  
crankcase BB 36xbb01 36xbb01  
rear cover 3611 3611  
rear cover BB 36bb11 36bb11  
piston/cyl 36x04 36x04  
crankshaft 36x08 36x08  
crankshaft BB 36x08bb 36x08bb  
connecting rod 4007 4007  
connecting rod BB 4007bb 4007bb  
cylinder head 36x02 36x02  
wrist pin 6 6  
wrist pin snaps 40 40  
prop driver 9 20f-36x09  
prop nut 12 12  
prop washer 13 13  
rear bearing s5k s5k  
head gasket 15 15  
set of gaskets 3514 3514  
screw set
pressure fitting 3521 3521  
venturi insert 3531 81f-3531  
Needle Valve assy 3510 87f-36x10 Early manuals had the 35 stunt part numbers.
This has a larger #4 thread than the 35 Stunt
Needle 3516 85f-36x16
Spray bar nut 84f-3501 This is an 8-32 small nut that fits many spray bars


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